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Find out more about us and what we do to help the people silenced by mental health.

Support.how (formerly Stand Up Stay Strong) is a free and simple 1-2-1 support site. You can talk to us about your own mental health problems or seek advice for someone you know dealing with their own issues. We can help you take the first steps to get on track to recovery or simply be here for you to get out your frustration and just rant.

Unlike most forms, our submission form doesn’t require any details or fields to be completed in order to contact us. This means you can type in a big paragraph to rant about your issues to us but don’t want a reply, you can contact us for support anonymously where all you need to provide is your email or you can provide all the details you want. We don’t mind whether you want to remain anonymous to start off with. We try to help with all issues, so even if it isn’t a mental health topic then please get in-touch and if we can’t help, we will put you in contact with the appropriate services who can.

We try to help with everything and never say no. You can even contact us if you are concerned about somebody else. We have help with bully and cyberbullying cases, child and sexual abuse, benefit and financial advice and much more. We can contact the authorities, social services, charities, Police & Ambulance services or whatever service or support you need. If you want to tell your family, relatives, friend or co-worker but don’t know how, we are here to do it for you if you would like us to. If you want help but are too afraid to go to your GP about it, we can discuss with you how we can talk to them on your behalf so you can then go and see them without having to worry about explaining everything. But permissions and authority would need to sorted prior to this but we would explain this to you if this is something you would like. Because we know that one of the big issues amongst young people is the anxiety of taking that first step, the anxiety of going to the doctors or picking up the phone to explain your problems. We aren’t professionals, doctors or psychiatrists and would never say we were. We are here to provide you with support and advice to get you on the right path so you can be helped by the professionals. If you need us to talk to someone on your behalf so you can then start the process of getting support then we will do what we can.

Support.how (formerly Stand Up Stay Strong was set up by Samuel Carvalho in 2012 at the age of 16 after recovering from anorexia, bulimia and severe depression which he suffered from for years. After Samuel recovered from his mental health problems he came up with the idea of of Stand Up Stay Strong, a simple website where people could talk to someone they knew had a personal history with mental health problems and could relate more to them than someone who is simply trained to understand but also because they could seek support via social media and email. This aspect of Support.how is why it has succeeded, it adapted with modern times and understood that many young people are too anxious to talk on the phone to someone who can support them. Young people feel safer talking to someone they know who’s dealt with mental illnesses in the past. But this is no way detracts from all of the work other mental health charities do, they are absolutely amazing charities doing exceptional work.

Support.how has functioned the same as it did in 2012 when Samuel set it up. Because he suffered from serious mental health problems himself, he knew exactly what people in similar positions felt and how they would prefer to receive support and advice. Samuel had a large social following in 2012 from modelling work he did but gave up. He is now known across the globe with over 200,000 followers on his verified Twitter account.

In 2013 Samuel and Stand Up Stay Strong won an award from the charity YOPEY (Young People of the Year). YOPEY was founded in 2005 by Mr Tony Gearing OBE who wanted to change the constant negative press published about young people and reveal, recognise and reward young unsung heroes. Samuel won despite there being so many other amazing young unsung heroes and role models. What stood out about Samuel and comments from the judges were that “Samuel had turned his considerable disadvantages into great and positive benefits for others.” At this period, it was unheard of to hear stories about males with eating disorders. Samuel was always open about his problems to try and encourage more males suffering from mental health problems to come out about them and receive support. It was also noted that Samuel adapted his support services to the modern age, making support easily available to young people who are always on social media, mobile devices and laptops. Meaning young people could get support and advice from the devices they use frequently everyday instead of only being accessible via telephone calls or face to face visits with someone. Samuel and Support.how won another award in 2016 from the charity Concern for Mental Health.

In August 2017, Samuel received a royal letter and invitation from Her Majesty The Queen. This letter and invite was for Samuel and his partner to attend Buckingham Palace on the 10th October 2017 to meet Their Royal Highness The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Kate Middleton) and His Royal Highness Prince Harry. Samuel received this invitation because the royal family had deemed that Samuel and this organisation had made a significant contribution to mental health services in the United Kingdom.

I wanted to say a huge thank you to Michael Broadbridge and his team from Broadbridge Design who in the Summer of 2017 volunteered their time to come in and design the new website from the ground up. They’ve all put in a huge amount of work for free because they wanted to help a mental health charity like ourselves. Their time and skills are invaluable and your work will be appreciated by thousands. We also appreciate that they featured our merchandise on their sister-site Fun Cases for free, allowing us to sell more of them to you! We look forward to working with Michael and his team in the future and featuring more of our merchandise on funcases.co.uk.

Another massive thank you is to my close friend Sophie Melligan. Sophie is a talented designer and is also the Creative Director here at Support.how. Sophie is responsible for our wonderful new logo. Sophie like Michael has volunteered lots of her time to design our logos and though the logos may seem simple to most, we have spent many weeks going over different designs, tweaking it hundreds of times to get the perfect logo that is suitable for what we do. The logos by Sophie are hand-drawn and have proved popular amongst the many we have shown them to prior to us making them public. So thank you, Sophie, for managing to volunteer so much of your time to Support.how whilst balancing an already busy work life!

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