Support and Advice

You can contact us for support and advice using this form. We try to help everybody and never say no. If you have a mental health problem you can contact us using the form below. You can also contact us if you need support for things such as bullying/cyber bullying, child and sexual abuse, physical or psychological abuse to seeking advice such as finding out if you’re eligible for financial support, housing benefits or any other benefits such as help with costs with NHS prescriptions, eye tests and glasses, dental check ups, dental work and so on. Please contact us and if we can’t help you we will provide you with the best contact details of somebody who can. We can contact the Police or Ambulance services on your behalf if you would like us to do and if we feel it is appropriate.

We are not professionals, we are not doctors or psychiatrists and would never claim to be. We are here so you have someone to talk to and if you wish, help you take the first steps to receiving support so you can then receive help from professionals. This could be something as simple as us providing details such as your local governmental mental health services who you can then get in-touch with to possibly arrange for you to start receiving treatment or if you’re unable to for whatever reasons then we can possibly do this on your behalf.

We are not a crisis service. If it is an EMERGENCY please call the emergency services (Police/Ambulance). Do not contact us in an emergency.

You can contact us using the form below. None of the form fields other than message require you to enter any information if you don’t want to. You can get out all of your frustration and emotions and send us a rant without your email address if you like! You can contact us and leave your email blank if you don’t want a response but if you do want a response you must put your email address in. You are in no way obligated to enter your name, age or gender or email. You can remain anonymous.

Please do not misuse this service. Misusing this service means our time is busy dealing with you when we could be helping someone with a genuine request for help. Continuous misuse of our service could result in you being permanently blocked from our website.

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